Next-Generation Sequencing - Introduction


What people say about this course:

"This was perhaps the first course where really comprehensive and complete NGS information, from A to Z, was provided. A really well-done event we would be happy to recommend."



Get acquainted with the world of massively parallel sequencing and learn how to effectively plan and perform your own experiments!

The aim of the course is to help you gain a basic orientation in technologies, principles, concepts and possibilities of using Next-Generation sequencing (NGS). Emphasis is placed on mastering the ability of independent effective planning of NGS experiments and basic evaluation of results. We will discuss the whole topic comprehensively from A to Z in context - the development of individual methods, their advantages and disadvantages, possibilities of use, details of laboratory processing of samples and data analysis. We will also introduce you to current technological innovations. By completing the course, you will gain a comprehensive overview of NGS technologies.


Who should attend?

  • The event is suitable for anyone who is just planning to use the technologies of massively parallel (so-called next-generation) sequencing, or for those of you who want to deepen your existing knowledge of the principles of these methods and their use. Prior knowledge of sequencing technologies is not required.
  • A necessary prerequisite is computer literacy and basic knowledge of molecular biology (DNA, RNA, gene expression, PCR).
  • If you want to learn the basics of NGS data analysis, we also recommend the Next-Generation sequencing data analysis – bioinformatics workshop for beginners.


What will you learn?

  • You will get a detailed overview of available NGS technologies, including their comparison in terms of advantages and disadvantages for specific applications
  • You will learn how to design an NGS experiment, including effective budget planning
  • You will learn what to keep in mind when performing NGS experiments
  • We will show you how to perform basic data operations and provide the necessary information about the computer infrastructure
  • We will discuss all possible applications
  • You will have the opportunity to communicate with experienced speakers and other participants




  • Next-Generation sequencing - Introduction
    • Overview, history and development of sequencing techniques
    • Basic terms and principles
    • NGS applications and workflow
  • NGS technologies and platforms
    • Technological overview
    • Illumina, Pacific Biosciences and Oxford Nanopore – how they work
    • And what’s really new?
  • Standard applications and techniques
    • Overview
    • Library preparation
    • Target enrichment
  • Experiment planning
    • Your goals and experimental design
    • Application-specific requirements
    • Technical design
  • NGS data analysis
    • Overview, data analysis environments and bioinformatic workflows
    • NGS data files and formats
    • Quality assessment and data pre-processing
    • Software overview
    • Secondary data analysis (de-novo genome assembly, resequencing, variant calling, …)
    • Evaluation of results and statistics
    • Visualization of results




The team of lecturers is composed of professionals, employees of SEQme and possibly invited guests - experts on the topic, who have long been using various Next-Generation sequencing technologies. They focus not only on data analysis, but also on laboratory processing of samples in the NGS laboratory, design of NGS projects and other related tasks and are therefore able to provide a comprehensive insight into the whole issue in context.

Event details:

This is a theoretical course consisting of presentations and software demonstrations.


Event logistics:

  • Language: English
  • The registration fee includes printed presentations for the course / workshop (for online events, presentations are provided exclusively in electronic form). If this is the „physical“ event (i.e. this is not an online workshop), the price also includes lunches and refreshments.
  • Lodging, travel and other incidental expenses are the responsibility of the attendee.
  • Please note that no laboratory experiments are performed during the event.


Special offer:

All our courses and workshops can also be organized at your workplace, for your working group. So as a tailor-made event. Some of our events were even created in this way - at the client's request. The advantage of this format is, of course, the ability to prepare a turnkey event for your team, reflect your specific requirements and needs, including the ability to work with your data. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

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