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Our statement regarding the Applied Biosystems 3130/xl termination letter by Life Technologies

On March 3, 2015, Life Technologies released a Termination Letter regarding their planned termination of the 3130/xl sequencer support. In this letter, which you may also have received, Life Technologies state that the support of these devices is ensured till "at least up to December 2018".

Since several clients have recently contacted us because of their concern and asked what will happen in January 2019, we issue the following statement:

  • SEQme warrants to provide service and application support for Applied Biosystems 3130 and 3130xl devices with no limits and beyond December 2018.
  • We have not set any date of termination of our services for 3130 and 3130xl devices. If you are interested, we are ready to enter into a service contract with you for these machines, in which you can determine the final date of contract validity yourself.
  • It is true that the 3130 and 3130xl models can be considered elderly since they were introduced to the market at a time when the Windows XP operating system was widely used. However, these instruments themselves are very robust and reliable, and even often preferred by users who have had a chance to compare them to newer models (3500/3500xl). To extend their service life, since 2014 we offer a 3130/xl upgrade to Windows 7 and since 2017 upgrade to Windows 10. This way we ensure the continued security of data collection computers, which, in contrast to the sequencers themselves, are actually getting outdated, mostly due to Microsoft support policy.

SEQme is ready to continue providing its clients, including clients running 3130 and 3130xl sequencer models, our service and application support with no limits!

Richard Nádvorník, Managing Director, June 2017

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