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Once again on the Applied Biosystems 3130/xl sequencer service termination

You may have noticed our June 2017 Statement, where we informed you that, in spite of the near-term end of support for the popular and widely used Applied Biosystems 3130/xl sequencers by the manufacturer at the end of 2018, we at SEQme guarantee their service and application support even after that date.

Our statement regarding the Applied Biosystems 3130/xl termination letter by Life Technologies

On March 3, 2015, Life Technologies released a Termination Letter regarding their planned termination of the 3130/xl sequencer support. In this letter, which you may also have received, Life Technologies state that the support of these devices is ensured till "at least up to December 2018"...

Preventive maintenace of your sequencer – what do you expect?

Many of our clients require a regular preventive maintenance. Belonging among them or not, have you ever thought about how you know the maintenance was performed properly?

A letter signed by life (ooops, my mistake - Life)

One of our loyal customers reminded me of a letter he received recently from Life Technologies bringing up a topic dear to my heart – independent service providers! If you’ve been lucky enough to receive this letter too, I would like to take a moment to address concerns you may have.

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