Next-generation sequencing

NGS Services à la carte

Our Mission – Premier Next-Generation sequencing services

Instruments in our fleet

State-of-the-art NGS systems by all key market players

Illumina sequencing

Order by lane or by ShareSeq data package

Long-read sequencing technologies

PacBio and Oxford Nanopore sequencing

BTSeq™ Contiguous Sequencing Service

„Sanger-type“ templates but upto 20 kb and using NGS technology. And cheap - Try it out!

Microbial genome analysis

Unbiased taxonomic analysis of microbial communities by amplicon sequencing

RNASeq and differential gene expression analysis

Publication-ready analysis of your samples or data sets

Tailed amplicon sequencing

Cost effective sequencing library preparation strategy for amplicons and other DNA fragments of your interest

Whole exome sequencing

Unmatched coverage of targeted regions with minimal sequencing.

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