High-Throughput Sequencers

We offer Next-Generation sequencing using the following instruments

In case of specific requirements, we can provide sequencing using also other sequencing platforms

HiSeq 4000, HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq (Illumina)

Instruments by Illumina have the highest read accuracy and in case of HiSeq models also the highest output capacity (number of bases read). Therefore, they are particularly suitable for experiments with a high desired output capacity or for experiments with a high number of samples. Read accuracy remains unchanged but capacity is significantly lower for MiSeq, so using it we can get the results faster.

All Illumina instruments use the sequencing chip called flow-cell, in HiSeq models with several separate lanes. These lanes can be used one by one and it is not necessary to order sequencing using the whole chip but a single lane only.

IonProton (ThermoFisher)

Apart from Illumina platforms we offer sequencing using the Ion Proton sequencer with relatively high output capacity and significantly shorter time to results than on all Illumina platforms.

Consider using our ShareSeq sequencing service, where you can use the device capacity at a fraction of the cost of full sequencing. This is clearly the cheapest Next-Generation sequencing strategy you can think of.

PacBio RSII and Sequel (Pacific Biosciences)

For special applications (namely de-novo genome assembly or when sequencing amplicons >1 kb) you can think of using PacBio RSII and Sequel since they offer a read length of about 20 kb (max. up to 60 kb).

Both use the SMRT (Single Molecule Real Time) technology enabling sequencing original template fragments without amplifying them, which is a significant difference when compared to Illumina and IonProton devices. These fragments are sequenced several times (circular consensus sequencing) in one sequencing run, thereby effectively increasing read accuracy. These sequencers are more suitable for GC-rich stretches and long repeats.

MinION (OxfordNanopore)

A very interesting option for applications requiring long reads are the Oxford Nanopore sequencers. Experiments have now been described in the literature where sequences of up to 300 kb have been obtained and the read length is essentially limited only by nucleic acid integrity.

These devices have a lower read accuracy (below 90 %), but their rapid development associated with sequencing chemistry optimizations is very promising. Despite this limitation, we have included them in our portfolio to let you try it on your own samples.

Chromium Controller (10xGenomics)

Chromium is not a sequencer, but a system for preparation of sequencing libraries. In the sequencing library, all fragments originating from one particular molecule (up to 100 kb in length) have the same identification sequence (barcode), which makes it possible to identify their origin and thus to obtain unique added information that allows for much more interesting data processing. The device is capable of barcoding up to 750,000 molecules.

The second attractive feature of this device is to barcode each and every unique polyA RNA molecule originating from a single cell. This opens the unexpected possibilities of studying cellular expression and comparing individual cells with each other.

Brief overview of sequencers in our portfolio

Manufacturer System Chip Option Max. length of read (bases) Max. number of reads (per chip per run, millions) Max. output capacity (per chip per run, Gb)
Illumina HiSeq 4000 HighOutput Flow Cell (8 lanes) single-end 150 2800 420
paired-end 2 x 150 4800 720
HiSeq 2500 HighOutput Flow Cell (8 lanes) single-end 150 2000 300
paired-end 2 x 150 3200 480
RapidRun Flow Cell (2 lanes) single-end 250 300 75
paired-end 2 x 250 500 125
MiSeq HighOutput Flow Cell single-end 300 25 7,5
paired-end 2 x 300 50 15
ThermoFisher Ion Proton PI Chip single-end 200 100 10
Pacific Biosciences PacBio RSII SMRT Cell Sequencing Kit 4.0 v2 ~ 60 000 0,1 2
SEQUEL Sequencing Kit 2.1 0,4 8
Oxford Nanopore MinION MinION Flow Cell 1D (FC 9.4) ~ 200 000 1,5 20
1D2(FC 9.5) 0,5 7
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