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You offer refurbished sequencers, what exactly does that mean?

These are instruments that were already at use and their previous owners decided not to use them anymore for various reasons, typically not sufficient throughput or on the other hand infrequent usage.

In our hands these machines are refurbished. This means they are disassembled piece by piece, thoroughly cleaned, parts that are worn out are replaced by new ones (in most cases this is laser, polymer delivery pump and other instrument moving parts). Consequently these units are assembled back, all subsystems set and checked, including optics. Then functional tests are performed. All procedure lasts several weeks. A new data analysis computer is delivered (having a fresh OS license) and software installed. The final check is then performed to verify the machine meets all technical specifications set by the manufacturer.

These refurbished instruments are then waiting until they are given a chance to serve in your lab, under warranty and if need be including a long-term service contract.

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