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Why do you offer refurbished sequencers only and not new ones?

The manufacturer’s (Thermo Fisher Scientific, previously Life Technologies, previously Applied Biosystems) policy is to sell new sequencers directly, without resellers. This is why we cannot quote a new sequencer. The problem you will be facing immediately when you start considering a new sequencer is that the new series of sequencers available is somehow limited. The machine with the lowest throughput is the eight-capillary model 3500 (approx. 100-200 samples a day), and that is too many samples for smaller labs. 3500/xl series is also very expensive. Even if you have enough samples to feed the machine, it is still wise to consider purchasing two smaller sequencers (i.e. two four-capillary instruments instead of one eight-capillary) – this gives you broader options how to run samples in parallel with different goals/applications and you are going to have a backup unit if one of these sequencers malfuntions. The price will most likely still be better than for the new 3500!

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