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Do you recommend using other then original reagents and consumables, i.e. capillaries, polymers, buffers etc.?

Definitely not. However inexpensive they might be, they may cause a lot of troubles too. Especially non-original polymers (non-original means not by Applied Biosystems) are less reliable - have shorter lifetime, spikes are more frequently occuring in your results compromising the data quality etc. At the very end your savings will be gone due to necessity to repeat analyses. Unfortunately, there are manufacturers and resellers on the market selling these alternative reagents and significant part of our service work is devoted to solving issues caused by these companies, including unprofessional service and repairs!

Moreover, if you use your sequencer to draw diagnostic conclusions and therefore a regular instrument inspection is carried out every year, the instrument performance verification must be performed as well. Using non-original reagents makes it impossible since there are no technical specifications available!

We do perform instrument performance verification free of charge during the instrument inspection. If you use non-original reagents you never know if you can trust your results. And this is a very serious issue.
We certainly recommend original reagents and consumables and we can supply them to you.

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