Upgrade of Applied Biosystems® Sequencers

We extend the lifetime and lower running costs of your Applied Biosystems® sequencer.

We enable using your present software licenses! Our solutions are as economical as they can be.

Upgrade of Applied Biosystems® Genetic Analyzers, 3500 series

RFID system of 3500 series which performs automatic detection of reagents and instrument accessories used, forces the instrument operators to replace these reagents and accessories unnecessarily frequently, nonefficiently and makes the whole operation of 3500 series very expensive. The manufacturer currently offers a software upgrade which allows circumventing this noneconomical way of running these instruments.

We offer to deliver and perform this software upgrade including a new computer, instrument calibrations and professional training of instrument operators.

Instrument Models Covered
3500 / 3500xL

Instrument Models Covered
ABI Prism® 310

Upgrade of Applied Biosystems® Genetic Analyzer, model ABI Prism® 310, to Windows 10

A single capillary sequencer, ABI Prism® 310, has proven its admirable long-term reliability and excellent performance and is very popular among its users. Unfortunately, Microsoft Corporation no longer supports older versions of operating systems that were compatible with this sequencer (Windows XP and preceding).

We do offer, for ABI Prism® 310, a new computer for data collection and analysis with Windows 10 on board. Additionally, there is no need to buy new software licenses for data collection and analysis; you can keep on using your current ones. The only new license you need is the new operating system.

We also offer a long-term full service contract for ABI Prism® 310 after this upgrade! This instrument rightfully deserves its nickname, „The Everlasting 310”.

Upgrade of Applied Biosystems® Genetic Analyzers, 3130 series

Similarly as a single capillary sequencer, ABI Prism® 310 (mentioned above), also 3130 series of genetic analyzers – models 3130 and 3130xl, represent instruments that have outlived their expectations. These robust 4- or 16-capillary sequencers are exactly those most people think of when thinking about capillary sequencing. Originally based on Windows XP they are no longer available new and are therefore most frequently refurbished and re-saled among sequencers by Applied Biosystems®. Their capacity (up to 164 samples per 24 hrs for 3130 or 656 samples per 24 hrs for 3130xl, respectively) and at the same time possibility to analyze as few as 4 or 16 samples in a single run make them ideal for low to mid-throughput labs.

We do offer a software upgrade for these units to make them compatible with operating systems supported officially by Microsoft. The upgrade includes a new computer for data collection and analysis with Windows 10 on board and we can make your current data analysis software licenses run on this OS. No need to buy expensive software licenses from Life Technologies! This upgrade can be purchased as a part of a long-term full service contract for 3130 or 3130xl models.

Instrument Models Covered
3130 / 3130xl

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