Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing - ON LINE COURSE !

20. - 21.4.2020 08:30 - 17:00 ON LINE, CZECH REPUBLIC 350 € without VAT English Seats available: 4

Get deeper insight into the world of massive parallel sequencing and learn how to plan and conduct your own experiments effectively!
The course is designed for molecular biologists interested in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. Prerequisite is computer literacy and basic knowledge of molecular biology (DNA, RNA, gene expression, PCR).

The aim of the course is to help you acquire basic orientation in technologies, principles, concepts and strategies of using NGS. Emphasis is placed on acquiring the ability of independent EFFECTIVE planning of NGS experiments and basic evaluation of results.

Please note: If you want to learn basics of NGS data analysis, we would like to draw your attention to our other event - Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis – Workshop for beginners!, which is a follow-up to this two-day course.


Who should attend?

The course is intended for everyone who plans to use technologies of massively-parallel (next-generation) sequencing or wishes to deepen their mastering of these techniques. No preceding knowledge of sequencing technologies is required. 


What will you learn?

  • How to design a successfull NGS experiment including its budget planning
  • How to perform basic operations with NGS data including information about the computer infrastructure
  • You will gain an overview of various NGS applications
  • You will have the option of networking with experienced speakers and other participants



Course agenda:

  • Next-Generation sequencing - Introduction
    • Overview, history and development of sequencing techniques
    • Basic terms and principles
    • NGS applications and workflow
  • NGS technologies and platforms
    • Technological overview
    • Illumina, Pacific Biosciences and Oxford Nanopore – how they work
    • And what’s really new?
  • Standard applications and techniques
    • Overview
    • Library preparation
    • Target enrichment
  • Experiment planning
    • Your goals and experimental design
    • Application-specific requirements
    • Technical design
  • NGS data analysis
    • Overview, data analysis environments and bioinformatic workflows
    • NGS data files and formats
    • Quality assessment and data pre-processing
    • Software overview
    • Secondary data analysis (de-novo genome assembly, resequencing, variant calling, …)
    • Evaluation of results and statistics
    • Visualization of results



Course Logistics:

  • Language: English
  • Registration fee includes: Workshop materials (to be mailed to every participant before the course starts)
  • No special hardware needed on your side, only computer with internet connection
  • Login instructions to be provided



Introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing - ON LINE COURSE !

When: 20. - 21.4.2020
Time: 08:30 - 17:00
Price: 350 € without VAT
Language: English
Seats available: 4
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