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How do I prepare samples for Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)?

Please follow the steps described in our Sample submission guidelines.
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How do I prepare samples for PacBio sequencing?

DNA quality strongly affects resulting sequencing library and sequencing yield when using PacBio sequencers. It is imperative that the sample DNA is of highest quality possible ...and sufficient quantity since there is no amplification step during the PacBio sequencing workflow.
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How do I prepare DNA for library construction using 10x Genomics technology?

It is imperative that DNA for library construction using 10x Genomics technology is of highest quality, non-degraded and pure, otherwise there is a risk of sub-optimal yield of sequencing data.
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How do I measure DNA/RNA concentration?

Please measure DNA/RNA concentration with a fluorescence-based measurement such as Qubit or Picogreen assay. These measurements tend to be specific for DNA/RNA.
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What primers do you use for taxonomic analysis (based on 16S rDNA gene and other regions)?

Different hypervariable regions of genes can be used for taxonomic analysis. The table below lists primer sets we use to amplify these target regions and expected product sizes.
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How can I send samples for NGS?

It depends what samples you have and how they are processed, but it is generally advisable to send samples cooled...
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What is the Efficient amplicon multiplexing service?

This is the most economical way of amplicon sequencing. For example, think of this project: you aim to sequence 50 different amplicons per sample ...
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Can I copy-paste into the NGS order form?

Definitely yes. Create (in Excel, for example) a table with three columns: Sample Name, Concentration, Volume. The sample names must be unique...
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Should I provide any specific data about my samples when submitting NGS order?

Yes. When submitting an order you will be asked to specify concentration and volume of each sample you send ...
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What sequencing capacity should I allocate?

This does depend on many factors, namely number of samples you submit, average fragment length...
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Can you guarantee what amount of NGS sequencing data I will get?

No. We can only estimate it. Even if we do our best to obtain perfect sequencing data for your samples...
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What happens with my NGS samples in SEQme lab?

The first step is a quality control (concentration measurement, gel visualization, bioanalyzer etc.).
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What if my NGS samples do not pass quality control in SEQme lab?

The key to a successful NGS experiment is starting with a sufficient quantity of high quality material.
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Will the data I finally get be analyzed?

This does depend on what you order. All samples always undergo a primary data analysis ...
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How long do you store my NGS results?

At least 60 days. You are however encouraged to download them as soon as we let you know...
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Subscribing sequencing services

Click on link New Prepayment in your account and complete the form to subscribe to our services. The amount to be prepaid is given without VAT, the system will add VAT automatically according to applicable regulations. Once you have confirmed your order, an advance payment request will be issued automatically which you can use to ...
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