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Subscribing sequencing services

Note: Subscriptions cannot be used to cover the fees for the courses we organise.

Click on the New Prepayment link in your account and complete the form to subscribe to our services. The amount to be prepaid is given without VAT, the system will add VAT automatically according to applicable regulations.

Once you have confirmed your order, an advance payment request will be issued automatically which you can use to process the payment. The advance payment request will also be sent to your e-mail address and to the billing e-mail address.

All documents are always issued according to the billing address stated in your user profile. The billing address can be amended as necessary.

If you are a member of the laboratory registered on our website, after the payment the amount will be credited to the laboratory account on our website. If you are not a member of any of the laboratories registered on our website, after the payment the amount will be credited to your account on our website.

Sequencing (Sanger as well as NGS) and fragment analyses can be ordered before the prepayment is made. If an order is completed before the prepayment is made, it will be invoiced in the standard manner. If it is completed after the prepayment is made, it will be deducted from the prepayment.

If you have a prepaid amount on your account or on the laboratory account, all payments for your orders will always be first deducted from the credit on your account. Only if the credit is insufficient, an invoice is issued for the respective order.

It is recommended to maintain sufficient credit on your account.

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