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Repairs, service contracts, technical support and other services

We take care of your sequencers, cyclers and other instruments. We are flexible and can always find the better way.

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Defect diagnosis and repairs - DNA sequencers and PCR / Real-Time PCR cyclers

  • We perform defect diagnosis and repairs
  • We use original new or refurbished spare parts
  • All instruments are repaired in your laboratory
  • We provide standard warranty conditions for repairs
  • We are able to provide analyses of your samples in our service laboratory during the time that your machine is out of order

Do you need preventive maintenance for your instrument? - Read here!


Long-term service contracts

Do you want to know in advance how much servicing of instruments will cost in the given reporting period? Do you like security and servicing contracted beforehand?

We offer long-term service contracts for all supported instruments

  • The service contracts may or may not include the supply of spare parts, inspections and other activities that are included in our offer
  • All service contracts are always prepared to meet your specific requirements, as regards scope and duration



Technical and application support

Is your device in good technical condition, but you are still not satisfied with the data obtained?

  • We offer consulting and advisory services in connection with the operation of your instrument and help solve problems arising from its use, mainly on the basis of the results and other data provided by you.
  • We analyse problems and recommend steps for their removal, or we participate personally in solving application problems in your laboratory.

If you need a proper training for operators of Applied Biosystems® sequencers, or the Real-Time PCR training (regardless of the instrument model you have), we offer training in your laboratory.


Instrument calibration

We perform all types of calibrations of DNA sequencers (spectral calibration for any dye set) and Real-Time PCR cyclers (calibration of ROI, background, pure dyes), including resolving potential problems (cleaning of optical subsystems, etc.)


Moving instruments

If you need to move your instrument to another laboratory, building or town, we will prepare it for the removal, especially by fixing its moving parts and packaging it. After moving, we will put the instrument back into operation and verify its functionality.


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 Request our services for your instrument 


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