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Courses and Workshops 2024

NGS Data Analysis for Beginners | 3-Day In-Person Workshop - 16. - 18.4.2024, Prague

Go Broad Before You Go Deep - Mastering NGS Technologies | 2-Day Online Course - 28. - 29.5.2024

Genus or Species Level? Full-Length Metagenomic Analysis by Oxford Nanopore Sequencing | 3-Day In-Person Workshop - 4. - 6.6.2024, Prague

RNASeq Data Analysis | 5-Day In-Person Workshop - 14. - 18.10.2024, Prague


New NGS pricelist since Feb 1!

Try NovaSeq X Plus | New discounted prices for PE150 settings (Illumina) and Oxford Nanopore sequencing | Long-read metagenomes, new ribodepletion probe sets and other news! 

Next-generation sequencing


Illumina - À la carte sequencing

Sequencing output is defined as a data package or lane!

You provide DNA/RNA or libraries. We perform library preparation and/or sequencing using Illumina technology.

Metagenomic sequencing

Taxonomic analysis of samples based on sequencing of genes or their hypervariable regions. Illumina or Oxford Nanopore technology.

Tailed amplicons

Amplicon sequencing using Illumina technology. Price per analysis of 24, 48, 94 and 190 samples and ShareSeq data package.


Genome or exome sequencing using Illumina technology.

Oxford Nanopore technology

Library preparation and sequencing using Oxford Nanopore technology.

Pacific Biosciences technology

Library preparation and sequencing using Pacific Biosciences technology.

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