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Once again on the Applied Biosystems 3130/xl sequencer service termination

You may have noticed our June 2017 Statement, where we informed you that, in spite of the near-term end of support for the popular and widely used Applied Biosystems 3130/xl sequencers by the manufacturer at the end of 2018, we at SEQme guarantee their service and application support even after that date.

I am glad to announce today that the manufacturer has re-evaluated this opinion in October and announced that the support of these devices will last until December 2020 at least. We are attaching a part of this announcement: 


However, the manufacturer also states that these sequencers will not be updated or developed. In practice this means, among other things, that a number of laboratories operate devices with Windows XP-based operating systems, which are already unsupported operating systems for several years. For those of you that are concerned, we offer an upgrade to the Windows 7 operating system.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize again (see also our previous Statement) that no end date for the 3130 and 3130xl support from our side was set, even after December 2020! If you are interested, we are ready to sign a service contract with you for these machines, in which you determine the final date of its validity!

Richard Nádvorník, Managing Director, November 2017

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