How tos and FAQs

General rules of sample preparation

When ordering sequencing or fragment analysis in tubes, preferably please use 0.2 ml strips to send samples, they are easy to work with. However, you can use any microtubes or 96-well plates.

If you order sequencing or fragment analysis in plates, you must use 96-well PCR plates or 8-tube 0.2 ml strips for your samples. You will be charged the tube price if you send samples in other kind of plasticware.

Close the tubes or plates tightly to avoid spillage or evaporation of your samples during transportation! When using high quality plasticware there is no risk of accidental opening or leakiness, therefore please do not use parafilm or adhesive tape! We can recommend, for example, Eppendorf strips, cat. No. 0030124359. They have separate lids with locks, which is ideal for work and transport.

Please make sure that the samples are labelled properly! As the names of samples are sometimes very long, we recommend that you simply number the tubes in the order of the samples in the order form or use short names like XY1, XY2, etc.

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