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Can I copy-paste into the order form?

Definitely yes. Create (in Excel, for example) a table:

StandardSeq, RapidSeq, CleanSeq, ReadySeq - table with three columns: Sample Name, Primer Sequence and Template Size

HairpinSeq - table with four columns: Sample Name, Primer1 Sequence, Primer2 Sequence and Template Size

Primer names are not listed in tables. Primer sequence is optional for StandardSeq, RapidSeq and ReadySeq but if you do not intend to copy primer sequences, your Excel table still must have three columns, the middle one empty.

Fragment Analysis - table having a single column only – Sample Name.

Sample names must be unique, max. 32 characters. Use only the characters of English alphabet, numbers 0~9, a dash (-) and an underscore (_). Template size must be in the range of 100-20000 bp. 

By using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V copy the data from your table to the order form.

If you entered in the My Primers section details of primers the sequences of which you have copied, the primer names will be displayed in the Primer Names column in the order form according to the copied sequences. For CleanSeq and HairpinSeq this is compulsory.

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