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There is a limit on template length in the order form for Sanger sequencing. Why?

This is correct, the template size must be between 100 bp and 20.000 bp.

It is quite unusual to sequence templates shorter than 100 bp. Assuming your primer has 20 bases and the reliable read starts approx. 20 bases behind the primer, you will obtain not more than 60 high quality bases of your template. We have therefore decided to set this limit to point this out and perhaps make you consider it once again. On the other hand, we are perfectly aware that you may have very good reasons to sequence templates shorter than 100 bp. That case please specify the lenght 100 bp even for shorter templates. It has no influence on the lab protocol we will use. Please consider reading our article about sequencing short templates.

The situation is little bit different with the other limit – 20.000 bp. Typically, templates of this size must be sequenced by using special protocols and this is why we cannot accept templates longer than 20.000 bp for our standard workflows. If you have such templates or even longer (BACs for example) and still wantd to use Sanger seuqencing, please contact us. Consider using also the PlasmidSeq protocol.

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