ShareSeq - The cheapest NGS protocol for low to mid scale projects on Illumina sequencers

Use only the sequencing capacity you really need

ShareSeq is a Next-Generation sequencing protocol based on combining samples (from different sources) in a single sequencing lane, resulting in significant cost reductions for individual projects. All the advantages of the Next-Generation sequencing method are preserved:

  • Standard protocols for sequencing libraries
  • High sequencing capacity, however selectable based on individual requirements
  • Commonly used data formats

The main difference between the ShareSeq protocol and the other Illumina sequencer protocols we offer is that while you normally order a single sequencing lane as a minimum unit, ShareSeq allows you to order only a precisely defined number of reads regardless of the size of the sequencing lane!

Who is ShareSeq for?

  • The sample processing method within ShareSeq is no different from the standard sample preparation method for Illumina sequencers. It is therefore intended for anyone who wants to use this sequencing technology.
  • Primarily, this protocol is suitable for small to medium scale projects where a relatively low sequencing capacity per sample is required and it is not worth paying for full-lane sequencing.
  • At the same time, we strongly recommend ShareSeq when we perform large and costly sequencing projects on NovaSeq (maybe several lanes at the same time) and want to run a low-cost test to see, for example, if libraries are optimally pooled.
  • You can also use ShareSeq to test in advance whether sequencing data in general meets your expectations (ribo-depletion or other way of target enrichment for a specific genome / transcriptome fraction, reference sequence mapping rate, presence of expected organisms, etc.).

Laboratory processing

We perform ShareSeq on Illumina sequencers in the following settings:

  • 100 b Single-end
  • 150 b Paired-end
  • 250 b Paired-end

As templates, you can supply any template (DNA / RNA) that can be processed by standard library preparation procedures according to our price list. Libraries will be prepared by our standard protocols and pooled to get the desired output (number of reads).



Results, guarantee and data analysis

Sequencing capacity is chosen so that we obtain the number of sequences allocated to the order with a certain reserve. The sequences obtained will be sorted according to the combination of indexes into files representing individual samples and analysis of sequencing quality indicators such as number and length of sequences, phred score,% GC, duplication level, etc. will be performed. As output you will receive data in FASTQ format divided into files according to individual samples. These basic analysis tasks are included in ShareSeq Basic, which is an integral part of the ShareSeq protocol.

Because each sequencing project has specific data analysis requirements, we offer turnkey data analysis for the needs of your project - ShareSeq Custom. Our bioinformaticians can help you with any data analysis goal. If you are interested in this service, individual consultation is required. Please enter your requirements when ordering ShareSeq, we will contact you. This will not delay the sequencing of your samples.

Processing time

Approx. 6 weeks (data analysis not included)

Course or workshop

ShareSeq is particularly useful when you want to try Next-Generation sequencing. NGS is quite expensive and ShareSeq eliminates this disadvantage! If you are new to NGS, we also encourage you to attend our two-day NGS introductory course.

Sample requirements

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