Illumina sequencing

Illumina sequencing

Use only the sequencing capacity you really need

When ordering Illumina sequencing you can choose one of the following options:

  • You can order a sequencing lane or flowcell
  • You can order ShareSeq data package


You order Sequencing by lane / flowcell ShareSeq data package
What is the service suitable for? Rather larger projects with a lower price per unit of data (eg one million reads) Rather small to medium projects with a lower total cost
Available sequencing settings Paired-end 150b, Paired-end 250b
Data amount 375 Gb and more 1 Gb and more
Guarantee The amount of data output is approximate.  If library prep is being made in our lab, we guarantee the amount of data specified for ShareSeq data packages!
Library preparation We or you
Library type No limits
Adapters Compatible with standard Illumina sequencing primers.
Indexes Exclusively dual indexes. If you prepare libraries yourself and do not want / cannot use dual indexes, always contact us first.
Outputs Standard (commonly used data formats etc.). If you order a lane or flowcell, you can also get non-demultiplexed data from us (not possible with ShareSeq data packages).


Technical specs and prices are available here.


A lane, flowcell or data package?

The sample processing is identical. 

Primarily, Share data packages are suitable for small to medium scale projects where a relatively low sequencing capacity per sample is required and it is not worth paying for full-lane sequencing. At the same time, we strongly recommend ShareSeq when you perform large and costly sequencing projects and want to run a low-cost test of, for example, ribo-depletion or other way of target enrichment for a specific genome / transcriptome fraction, reference sequence mapping rate, presence of expected organisms, etc.

For ShareSeq data packages, your samples will be analyzed along with samples from other clients. If you prepare the sequencing libraries yourself, it is absolutely critical that you provide us with accurate information on the preparation process, the indexes used, etc. This information will be requested when placing an order in our system.

As templates, you can supply any template (DNA / RNA) that can be processed by standard library preparation procedures according to our price list. Libraries will be prepared by our standard protocols and pooled to get the desired output (number of reads).


In the case of Illumina technology, we offer the preparation of the following types of libraries:

  • DNA library, PCR-free on request
  • Total RNA or mRNA (polyA selected)
  • rRNA depleted library - rRNA depletion can be performed for the following organisms:
    • Human, mouse, rat rRNA
    • Bacterial and yeast rRNA
    • Plant rRNA
    • Fish rRNA
    • Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster rRNA
  • miRNA library
  • 3' mRNA library (QuantSeq/UMI)

If you want to prepare the libraries yourself, you must send them to us as one pool. Before sequencing, we always perform a quality check of the libraries prepared by you.

Results, guarantee and data analysis

The reads obtained will be sorted according to the combination of indexes into files representing individual samples and analysis of sequencing quality indicators such as number and length of sequences, phred score,% GC, duplication level, etc. will be performed. As output you will receive data in FASTQ format divided into files according to individual samples. This Basic Data Analysis is an integral part of the sequencing.

For some types of analyzes, eg when sequencing exomes, we offer additional standard processing of results. This Advanced Data Analysis is charged based on the number of samples and is optional. If you are not interested in it, you will only receive FASTQ files (above).

Because each sequencing project has specific data analysis requirements, we offer turnkey data analysis for the needs of your project - Custom Data Analysis. Our bioinformaticians can help you with any data analysis goal. If you are interested in this service, individual consultation is required, we recommend you seek our help already at the project preparation stage.

Processing time

Approx. 4 weeks (data analysis not included)

Course or workshop

If you are new to NGS, we encourage you to attend our two-day NGS introductory course. We will be happy to welcome you on some of other courses and workshops too.

Sample requirements

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