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How do I ship samples?

We recommend you insert samples into a quick-closing plastic bag. Fragment analysis samples can be (not necessarily) wrapped up in aluminium foil to prevent light access. If you place your samples into our sample collection boxes, you can be sure that our couriers will pack your items into shipping envelopes.

When sending the samples by mail, put the quick-closing bag in a bubble envelope. Your samples will be double-packed. Based on our experience, this is fully sufficient. Please mail your samples to SEQme, PO Box 50, 263 01 Dobris, Czech Republic.

If you order sample pickup by our courier, pack your samples as you wish but you must not use dry ice.

Attention: When using the ReadySeq protocol we do recommend that immediately after finishing your sample preparation you send them on ice by using a courier service (mail or our drop boxes are not recommended, ready sequencing reactions must be stored on ice and analyzed fast). Please contact us before shipping.

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